Founder's Statement

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Chairman Speak

Mr. Madhukar Gavali

Om Gayatri Nursery (OGN) was the first venture of Om Gayatri Group launched in 2009. Started by my brother and me, this enterprise laid the foundation for the growth and expansion of the Om Gayatri Group you know of today. Launched as a two-person team, our customers, farmers and employees saw our larger vision and joined us in expanding the nursery.

We are still at the cusp of the new Food Revolution that’s started across the world. The global challenge before us is how to feed a growing population living longer whilst accepting the difficult reality of decreasing land under cultivation. Each acre of land must now produce and continue to yield higher and better-quality food.

This is both, a challenge and an opportunity. Om Gayatri Nursery has always been ahead of the curve by investing in the latest technologies, tools and people. While we offer the best quality seedlings of ornamental plants and horticultural crops, we’re also careful to not chase volumes by sacrificing quality.

This nursery has spawned other successful agri-businesses such as Om Gayatri Bench Tech, Om Gayatri Agro Mall, and Om Gayatri Farmer Producer Company, each catering to niche areas within the agri-industry.

I invite you to explore Om Gayatri Nursery. Join us in our immediate mission of positively impacting the lives of at least one million farmers in the years to come!

Mission & Core Values



To be the most respected agri-business in India.



Offering healthy, disease-free and high-yielding horticultural seedlings cost-effectively in pursuit of food for all.

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Core Values

1. Clarity: Of thought and action

2. Transparency: In all ourdealings with all our stakeholders

3. Speed: Working swiftly and purposefully but not in haste

4. Excellence: To deliver thebest possible outcomes without settling for the second-best